Theory of Computation - A virus
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Theory of Computation

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Theory of Computation

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Syllabus of Theory of Computation

Strings and Alphabets – Basics of strings, alphabets and languages, Operations on languages, Chomsky Classification of languages.
Finite Automata – Introduction- Basic Mathematical Notation and techniques, Finite State systems, Basic Definitions – Finite Automaton – DFA & NDFA, Finite Automaton with €- moves, Regular Languages and RegularExpression, Equivalence of NFA and DFA , Minimization of DFA, Moore and Mealy Machines.
Regular grammar- Introduction- Types of Grammar, regular expressions, equivalence between regular languages, properties of regular languages and pumping lemma.
Context Free Languages –Introduction, Leftmost and Rightmost derivation trees, parsing and ambiguity, ambiguity in grammar and languages, Normal forms-Chomsky and Greibach Normal forms.
 Pushdown Automata – NDPDA, DPDA, context free languages and PDA, comparison of deterministic and non-deterministic versions, closure properties, pumping lemma for CFL. 
Turing Machines-Introduction, Techniques for Turing machine construction – Multi head and Multi tape Turing Machines, The Halting problem , Problems about Turing machines., Language of Turing machines, Variations, Universal Turing Machines, Difference between Finite Automata and Turing Machines. 


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